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Ayrelle L

I would like to share a few thoughts about Young Parents United Inc and the organization's Director Ginni.  Ginni has helped me to greatly better myself and progress in my life since I started receiving support from this organization just one year ago. Ginni Is outgoing, friendly, understanding, caring, and extremely helpful and kind. She goes over, above and beyond  to make sure that myself  and my children are okay . She has helped me through some challenging circumstances and to make wiser choices. The organization also helped me to complete the process to  receive my high school Equivalency Diploma , get my own apartment, get jobs, & complete parenting classes. Ginni and this organization have helped me to become, not only a better person; but a better mother! Without this amazing support system I do not think I would be where I am today ! In one short year I have completed high school and started college. I have been educated on nutrition, health, setting goals and career planning and parenting skills, received help with free clothing, personal care items and food when needed, as well as, transportation to and from school and work. The organization also assisted me with arranging child care for my son so I could attend college and so much more . Thank You So Much ! ️

Alfred P

   I would like to give thanks and express my appreciation for the assistance that Ginni and the organization she runs -Young Parents United Inc. She has provided me and my family an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable  home. She has put food on our table when there was none. I give her extra kudos for that. She has also furnished our child with a changing table, baby bath, and my daughter a drawing board to pursue her dreams in being a artist. As well as 6 months of supplies for my newborn daughter. She also made our little single room transform into more livable conditions with curtains, drapes and other much needed items. The organization has helped us to move to a better and more stable place in life, better provide for our children and have more joy. They are also helping to create a future plan for better housing and stable work for myself.

          I am touched and it has brought me and my family joy to our hearts, that there are people out there that treat people like human beings. Just because people are poverty stricken, doesn't mean there are diseased. Ginni and her organization - Young Parents United has shown great kindness and hospitality to a couple of strangers she just meet with open arms and embraced our family like her own.


Thank you once again bringing happiness, joy and stability into a broken home.


Alfred P.

CHRIS aka "Big Sinatra

“My mother (YPU’s Founder) has been a powerful influence in my life ~ by surviving the struggle of survival itself. By observing her as a child and into my young adulthood, withstanding the greatest obstacles and resolving countless situations that seemed entirely impossible, has in turn, shown me the infinite possibilities in life. Her example has shown me that it is surely possibleto go to ANY length with no opposition too great… accomplish all that I have set out to achieve.”

“I am a writer / musician and my goal is to use my music to reach and  influence positive change and to empower the younger generation in the world today.”

Elizabeth Craig

“Throughout my life my mother (YPU’s Founder) has inspired me to be a strong independent woman with great sensitivity to the needs of others. She has helped me to recognize that there are always two sides of a story and that is never our place to judge.”

Vince Speenburgh

Through my mother’s ( YPU’s Founder’s) maternal leadership I’ve developed a disciplined and determined work ethic. She pursued an education in a demanding field while raising a family as a single parent. While, at the same time, continuing to display the importance of a balanced work/life environment even while working unfavorable hours as a nurse. As a result, she helped me to discover the importance of values, specifically family and love for others. Most importantly, I witnessed the importance of sacrifice, and adopted the will to sacrifice for others.

As I’ve grown over the years, these influential experiences have been fostered and interwoven into my genetic fabric. It is what provided me the strength to overcome doubt in my college years and persevere and obtain a Masters degree and a successful career. The values, love, intuition and discipline I learned as a child have helped me become a good judge of character and surround myself with positive, loving people. Ultimately leading me to find someone I unconditionally love and have now started  a family with as I display the same leadership qualities adopted from my mother.

Eric Speenburgh

“I owe my success and happiness to my mother (YPU’s Founder)  who raised 4 children as a single mother while putting herself through college she held several jobs to pay the bills to provide for us. Not only did our mother preach hard work and education, she practiced it. Even after her formal schooling she continued to educated herself to accomplish her personal and career goals via diligent research and dedication. As adults now, it is very natural for myself and my siblings to continuously work hard and self educate to reach our prospective goals.”

Jasmine Rivera

The CEO and founder of this organization has personally and ongoingly inspired, guided taught and directed me through many complex the transitions and overwhelming challenges as a  young single mother of two small children. She supported me , ensuring we had food to eat, adequate shelter, and supported me to get away from a circumstance involving domestic violence in which my children and myself were unsafe. The director of YPU inspired and also showed me opportunities to return to school for job training and encouraged me to explore my gift and talents and to also enjoy the beauty of my wonderful children. I now have been through 2 job training programs and am free of domestic violence, independent,  and happily raising my 7 year old son and my 5 year old daughter with much, continued learning, growth, and a bright future for myself and my children .

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