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We depend on our partners to make our mission a success       

We could not serve the needs of young parents without the support and help from individuals and companies like you. There are many ways to get involved in the Young Parents United Community. You can volunteer your time, materials or even money to make our mission a success. Fill out our volunteer form at the end of the page if you are interested in any of these opportunities to connect with YPU.


We need parents who have already successfully raised children to help mentor young parents and support them on this journey. While we would love to connect with people who were young parents themselves, we are happy to have any mothers and fathers give their advice and time.

Contact us to help, get training, or make referrals!

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Volunteer Educators

We hold many seminars, classes and programs for our young parents throughout the year on many topics. If you have knowledge that you can pass on to these young parents, we would love to have you volunteer your time to come host one of these events. In particular, we always need parenting specialists and medical professionals for parenting and wellness classes or artists, musicians or dancers for creative arts programs. However, we are happy to have your expertise on any subject that would support the development of young parents.

Parent Retreat and Camp Volunteers

We need volunteers to help us run our camps and retreats for young parents. Whether you are willing to run sessions, cook, provide childcare, or just be there and have fun, we are happy to have you!

Events and Fundraising Volunteers

We have many fundraising events every year, and we are always looking for people to host an event or get involved.

Financial and Corporate Sponsorship

We have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level sponsorship opportunities. Each level has different opportunities for involvement and publicity for corresponding financial commitments. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please fill out the form and someone will contact you with more information as soon as possible.

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