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Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

The mission of Young Parents United is to invest in the future of families and promote positive change among adolescent parents through inspiration, empowerment, education, support, and practical tools in order to break destructive cycles, increase parenting skills, education, and job skills, thus enhancing self-sufficiency and greater success for teen parents and their children for generations to come.

Our philosophy is to teach the value of perception at any age -- to perceive your child as a "gift" is to create a shift in consciousness that is reflected in the way both parents and children perceive themselves, each other, and their roles in society.


Societal views of teenage parents can have a detrimental impact on how the parent perceives the child.  Society's perception of this being a "problematic" circumstance "trickles down"  to the parent, who can perceive the child as a "problem" as a result and influences the parent's behavior toward the child.

When individual and societal perceptions of teenage parenthood shift from "problematic" to a "challenge" and the child as a "gift" the young parent is empowered and inspired, and the perception of their child becomes positive.  When this transition occurs, the existing and often challenged self-esteem of both parent and child is enhanced with a great possibility for growth and positive change.

Four Necessary Elements to Create Positive Change:

  • Inspiration

  • Empowerment

  • Resources/Tools

  • Decision to Act

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