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Children are the Future

Whitney Houston Song — “I Believe the Children are the Future”

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This song – regardless of how many times it is heard and reheard, is always inspiring because of it’s message — “ The children are the Future — teach them well and let them lead the way — show them all the beauty they possess inside“

Our intention at Young Parents United is to remain consistent with this message -- to inspire, empower, and offer the much needed education , support and mentoring for adolescent parents everywhere — enabling them to open doors which allow them be free to learn, grow, and recognize the profound nature of their role as parents, as well as, the gift of life itself — and to be able then — to pass on this joy, strength , direction and success to the children whom ARE the future. Ultimately, breaking destructive cycles and creating positive change for parents and children – positively impacts society, one family at a time for many generations to come.

If you are a parent of a beautiful child and you desire to move forward with confidence and inspiration or you are here to support our mission – we are filled with joy and grateful for your presence !!

Universal Love and Blessings ,

Young Parents United, Inc.

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